General Chemistry Placement Information

2021-2022 Information for General Chemistry Placements (ALEKS Placement)

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Who needs to take the General Chemistry Placements?

  1. ALEKS Placement 1: Students who plan to take CHEM 1215, 1215L, or 1217.
  2. ALEKS Placement 2: Students who plan to take c 1225/1225L, but have not taken CHEM 1215 and 1215L and received a C or better grade.

How will the ALEKS placement scores determine which course I take?

  • CHEM 1215, 1215L or 1217 require a minimum ALEKS Placement 1 score greater than 30%.
  • If you do not have a score that is greater than 30% from ALEKS Placement 1, you must take CHEM 1105 and receive a C or better or CR grade before you can take CHEM 1215 and 1215L.
  • CHEM 1225 and 1225L require a minimum ALEKS Placement 2 score greater than 50%.

Why am I required to take General Chemistry Placement 1?

General chemistry, 1215, 1225, 1217, and 1227, are rigorous science courses which build a foundation for many advanced science courses you need to take in the future. Consequently, more than 26 degree programs at UNM required General Chemistry for their students, and many science subject courses use CHEM 1215/1217 as the pre-requisite course. For this reason, general chemistry is widely considered as a gateway course for students pursuing science, engineering, or medical careers. It is wise for you to take general chemistry courses as early as possible if you are in these fields. ALEKS placements are designed to provide important evaluation not only for your chemistry skills but also for your problem-solving skills using mathematic knowledge commonly found in the general chemistry courses. The placement score will give you an important predictor for your chance to succeed in the general chemistry course you will enroll.

Therefore, you should take ALEKS placement as early as possible and as honest as possible. You should complete the placement as early as possible because you can register early when all the lecture and lab sections are still available to you. You should take it as honest as possible because you will have an accurate measure for your chance to succeed in the general chemistry courses. If the placement score indicates you are not ready, you can make a plan to remediate your deficiencies and prepare yourself for taking general chemistry in the future. The ALEKS placement can help you identify the deficiencies.

When should I take the placement?

You are advised to take the placement as early as possible. The placement exam is available online. Give yourself two hours (or less) for the placement test (which is called knowledge check). You should not be interrupted during the exam time. You also need a reliable internet connection for this knowledge check. Please note that the time limit for ALEKS placement are 2 hours (120 mins). If youspent more than 120 minutes, your test scores will be voided. Most students spent 60 – 75 minutes to complete the check.

Do I need to pay for the placement? What does it cost?

Taking this ALEKS placement is free. If you experience any problem about ALEKS, you can contact ALEKS support with the contact information printed in the end of this instruction.

What are other policies I need to know about taking ALEKS placement?

  1. You need to first complete the registration of ALEKS placement using UNM Student Number: a 9-digit number and the Registration code: Placement 1: GXJCH-Q9HKN or Placement 2: 6M4QE-AAWQL. Detail instruction about registration can be found here.
  2. All ALEKS knowledge checks (called CHECKS in this document) must be done within 120 minutes without interruption or external help. Taking any CHECKS beyond the time limit will void the result.
  3. You must not look up information from a person, a note, a book, a webpage, or an internet search while taking the CHECKS. Doing so will void the result.
  4. Use the calculator and periodic table provided by ALEKS if needed. No other calculator or periodic table is allowed. Any violation will void the result.
  5. You must not record or copy assessment questions in any form. Any violation will void the result.
  6. The final CHECKS (which is optional) cannot be taken within 7 days of the initial CHECK. Practice of ALEKS topics is required for taking the final CHECKS. Taking final CHECKS without a record of practicing ALEKS topics will void the placement result. The second final CHECKS may be taken 7 days after the first final CHECKS. All CHECKS must be taken before the end of 21st day after the registration.

How do I register for the General Chemistry Placement 1 or 2?