About our Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program in chemistry at UNM aims to provide rigorous education in the fundamental areas of chemical knowledge and chemical experimentation. The program is extremely flexible in its electives to provide an excellent preparation for careers in many different areas of chemistry and chemical biology. Our chemistry undergraduate program is designed to provide an education based on science both for students planning to go on to graduate study, and for those intending to immediately pursue professional careers in chemistry or an allied field in which sound knowledge of chemistry is important.

Chemistry occupies a key position in the modern sciences. Ultimately, most phenomena in biology, medicine, geology, and the environmental sciences can be described in terms of the chemical and physical behavior of atoms and molecules. Because of the wide appeal and utility of chemistry, UNM offers many lower-division courses, differing in emphasis and style, which meet diverse needs. The curriculum in chemistry exposes the student to the principal areas of modern chemistry, including organic, inorganic, biochemistry, and physical chemistry. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students who plan to end their formal education with a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree as well as those who wish to go on for an advanced degree.

It is the goal of the undergraduate chemistry program to encourage students to become active members within the departmental academic community. Interaction between undergraduates, faculty, and graduate students is strongly promoted through class and laboratory contact. Through the offering of small classes, students are provided with exciting opportunities to pursue undergraduate research projects under the direction of a faculty mentor. The department strives to provide its students with a friendly, stimulating, and rigorous learning environment.