Graduate Advisement

Graduate Student Handbook

The Graduate Studies committee oversees student placement in research groups of graduate faculty as well as overall progress in the program.  Students generally meet with the committee, along with individual research directors, for course selection and advisement once a year.  In the first year of graduate study, students typically take 2-3 classes per semester and serve as teaching assistants to faculty in various undergraduate teaching settings.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the graduate education experience is the performance of an original research project.  The selection of a research laboratory is expected to occur before the end of the first semester in residence.  Students are encouraged to speak to several faculty before indicating their preference.  The final decision rests on the availability of positions in a group and approval of the graduate studies committee.  The following research-active faculty serve as mentors for graduate students.  Prospective students should contact faculty.

  • Jeremy Edwards (Biological Chemistry)
  • Yanq Qin (Polymer Chemistry, Solar Cells)
  • Terefe Habteyes (Photonics and Plasmonics, Physical Chemistry)
  • John Grey (Spectroscopy, Electrochemistry, Solar Cells)
  • Martin Kirk (Spectroscopy, Biological Chemistry)
  • Jeffrey Rack (Inorganic chemistry, spectroscopy)
  • Hua Guo (Computational chemistry, Charge transfer, Catalysis)
  • Mark Walker (Natural product synthesis, Chemical Biology)
  • Yi He (Computational chemistry, Drug discovery, Chemical Biology)
  • Brian Gold (Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Computational Chemistry)
  • Christine Le (Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Catalysis)