Questions and Answers

A Guide to Introductory Chemistry Courses

Note: all courses except CHEM 1105 fulfill the NM General Education science requirement.

CHEM 1110 Chemistry in Our Community (3)

Introduction for non-science majors to the basic chemistry required to understand scientific topics affecting our community, such as global warming, water quality, nuclear power, plastics, and milk chocolate.
This course introduces chemical concepts via a variety of current topics. It is intended for non-science majors who would like an introduction to chemistry and its applications in society (energy production, climate change, etc.). The course has no pre-requisites.

CHEM 1120C Elements of General Chemistry (4)

One-semester course in general chemistry, especially for non-science majors in the allied health sciences except pre-medicine and medical technology. Three lecture hours + 1 hour recitation.
This course is intended for health science majors, specifically pre-nursing students. Prerequisite:
CHEM 1105 Preparation for College Chemistry (2)

An intensive, eight-week, preparatory course for CHEM 1215/1215L which includes fundamental topics in high school chemistry and mathematical skills required for college chemistry. On-line with optional face-to-face recitation sessions, offered in June, July, and Fall (online only).

Recommended for students intending to take CHEM 1215/1215L but who lack the pre-requisite (ALEKS score < 50%). It is suitable for high school seniors to take as a dual credit course as well as pre-freshman students as a bridge course. No pre-requisite.

CHEM 1215 General Chemistry I (3)

Introduction to the chemical and physical behavior of matter.

This course is intended for science and engineering majors except those who intend to major in the chemical sciences (see CHEM 1217 below). CHEM 1215 is part of a two semester sequence with CHEM 1225 and has a co-requisite lab (1215L). Prerequisite: ALEKS 1 score > 50%. Pre-STEM students without appropriate test scores should consider taking CHEM 1105.

CHEM 1217 Principles of Chemistry I (3)

Chemical and physical behavior of matter, atomic and molecular structure and chemical periodicity. Three lectures, 3 hours lab.

Recommended for students intending to major in Chemistry, Biochemistry or Chemical Engineering. Prerequisite: ALEKS 1 score > 65%.

What is CHEM 1110?

Chemistry in Our Community is designed for non-science majors who are interested in learning about scientific topics currently in the news and affecting our community, such as the ozone hole, global warming, acid rain, nuclear power, plastics, drugs, and genetic engineering. The course fulfills the physical and natural science general education core curriculum requirement.

Is CHEM 1110 a “remedial course”?

Chemistry in Our Community is not a remedial course. The course fulfills the physical and natural science general education core curriculum requirement.

How does CHEM 1110 differ from the other 1100 level chemistry courses?

The course is geared specifically to non-science majors and differs fundamentally from other chemistry courses by using topical issues such as global warming, nuclear power and genetic engineering to introduce and reinforce key chemical concepts. Chemistry and science are presented as a web of related ideas and calculations rather than a sequence, which favors learning patterns common in non-science majors.

CHEM 1120L

If I know that I’m not prepared to take CHEM 1215, should I take CHEM 1120L first?

It is not advisable to take 1120L to prepare for 1215 since UNM does not grant course credit for both courses. Students who plan to pursue a degree program that requires CHEM 1215 that feel unprepared to tackle the course should go ahead enroll in the course. If after the second exam the student is not doing well, they can “parachute” into CHEM 1106.

CHEM 2120

Can I take CHEM 2120 to prepare for CHEM 301?

It is not advisable for students planning to take CHEM 301 to enroll in CHEM 2120 since UNM does not grant course credit for both CHEM 2120 and CHEM 301.

CHEM 1106

How can I enroll for CHEM 1106?

CHEM 1106 is a parachute class available to students enrolled in CHEM 1215 who are failing at the point of the 2nd test in the semester. You cannot take CHEM 1106 if you are not already taking CHEM 1215 in a semester. If you were hoping to take CHEM 1106 as a class to prepare you for CHEM 1215, please contact Sushilla Knottenbelt, for suggestions on what you can to to prepare yourself for CHEM 1215.

How many credits? What are the times?

CHEM 1106 is a 3 credit hour class. The section times usually correlate with the CHEM 1215 section times. Check the UNM Schedule of Classes for the current semester for up-to-date information about section times and room numbers.

How do I sign up?

There is often more demand for CHEM 1106 than we have available seats, and if there is enough demand and we know in advance, it might be possible to create another section. DO NOT DROP CHEM 1215. You will maximize your chances of getting in if you are flexible to attend a different section. Admission to CHEM 1106 will be made on a first come first serve basis, but if there are more students wishing to transfer than we have seats, we will give priority to students having more than 50% on their online homework from CHEM 1215.

If you are interested in switching, you must fill a pre-enrollment survey which will be emailed to you by your instructor after the 2nd test in CHEM 1215. You will be emailed 24 hours before the start of the class you wish to take to let you know if you have a place.  You must attend the first day of the class (see the email for dates, rooms and times). Any students who do not attend class on these days may forfeit their place in class, and waitlisted students may enroll, based on who is present in class on those days.

The registration is processed as a transfer from CHEM 1215 to CHEM 1106 so you must still be in 1215 for the Registrar to move you to CHEM 1106. It will not show on your transcript that you took 1106 this semester, only CHEM 1106. Once you have decided to take CHEM 1106, you do not need to attend CHEM 1215 or complete any further assignments for 1215. None of your CHEM 1215 grades will follow you into CHEM 1106, it will be a fresh start.

What about my lab?

You may keep the lab or drop it. If you keep the lab and pass it, you will not need to retake it when you retake CHEM 1215. In the past, many students taking CHEM 1106 and keeping the lab have been able to pass.  If you drop the lab, it will show up as a W on your transcript.

What new materials do I need to buy?

CHEM 1106 uses the same textbook and homework software system as CHEM 1215. You can use your existing codes in CHEM 1106.

Does this count as a general ed science requirement?

CHEM 1106 uses the same textbook and homework software system as CHEM 1215. You can use your existing codes in CHEM 1106.

What has been the success of this program in the past?

CHEM 1106 has been offered every Fall and Spring semester since Fall 2010. Students taking CHEM 1106 in these semesters were more likely to return and succeed in CHEM 1215 than those who failed CHEM 1215 and did not take CHEM 1106.

Do I still have to take CHEM 1215 in future?

Yes, if it is required for your degree program or any classes with CHEM 1215 as a prerequisite.