Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Requirements for Teaching and Research Labs

Our department uses the Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT), provided by EHS here, to identify the hazards and activities of each lab and determine appropriate PPE to ensure the safety of lab personnel. 

Dress Code: All individuals are required to wear long pants (or equivalent) and closed-toe closed-heel shoes

Each lab has specific requirements based on the activity and hazard.  Please check with your lab technician or PI if you have questions.  Below are PPE listed by general hazard.  This list is not exhaustive and will depend on other variables.  

Permeation/Degradation Resistance Guide for Gloves: Please use this guide to select the most appropriate gloves to use based on the chemicals you are using.

Chemical & Biological Hazards: chemical-resistant gloves (nitrile doesn't work for everything); splash goggles; chemical-resistant apron; flame-resistant lab coat; flame-resistant outer gloves; face shield

Physical Hazards: Cryogenic glvoes; thermal gloves; blast shield; hearing protection; cut-resistant gloves; UV-face shield

Laser Hazards: Optical density and wavelength-specific safety glasses based on individual beam parameters; electrical isolation mat

If you need help purchasing the appropriate PPE for your lab, please follow this link and submit a request: EHS Safety Supply Request.