Speakers Exchange

The following is a list of seminars available from the faculty in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at UNM. If your program wishes to take advantage of any such presentation, please contact the faculty member directly by either clicking on their email address, or contacting them via phone using the provided number.

The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at UNM abides by the rules of the Southwest Regional Speaker Exchange.

Speakers and Talk Titles

Debra Dunaway-Mariano

  • Enzyme Mechanisms
  • Evolution of Enzyme Catalysis
  • Genomic Enzymology

John Grey

  • Structure-function relationships in nano- and microstructured photovoltaic materials
  • Time-resolved single molecule spectro-electrochemistry at molecule-electrode interfaces
  • Imaging charge transport and evolution of chemical structure in molecular optoelectronic materials

Hua Guo

  • Chemical reaction dynamics
  • Enzyme mechanisms

Richard Kemp

  • Reactions of CO2 and other small molecules with main group metal amides
  • Development of a possible catalytic cycle for selective O2 activation using transition metal pincer complexes
  • Main group metal diimine complexes and the preparation of multi-colored single crystals

Martin L. Kirk

  • Electronic Structure Contributions to Enzymatic Catalysis
  • Spectroscopic and Electronic Structure Studies of Long-Range Interactions in Donor-Acceptor Systems

Patrick S. Mariano

  • Applications of Photochemistry to natural Product Synthesis
  • Mechanistic Studies and Applications of Electron transfer Photochemical Reactions of Acceptor-Polydonor Systems
  • The Structural and Mechanism based Design of Novel Biomedically Important Enzyme Inhibitors

Robert T. Paine

  • Design and Development of Selective Recognition Reagents for Metal Ions
  • Main Group Molecules to Materials: Across the Valley of Death

Wei Wang

  • Asymmetric organocatalysis
  • Chemical biology and medicinal chemistry
  • Molecular imaging and recognition