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John Grey


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Electronic and Photonic Materials
Physical Chemistry

Contact Information

Phone: 505-277-6655
Office: Clark Hall 203


  • B.S. in Chemistry, 1999, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2004, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
  • ACS-PRF Alternative Energy Postdoctoral Fellow, 2004-2007, Department of Chemistry, University of Texas, Austin, TX


Our research focuses on understanding structure-function relationships in organic semiconductor materials from the nano- to microscale size ranges. We are particularly interested in conjugated polymer molecules that are candidate materials for use in field- effect transistors, light-emitting diodes and solar cells. The manner in which polymer molecules fold and pack has a profound influence on rates and distance scales of key electronic processes, such charge and energy transfer. We use advanced single molecule and spectroscopic imaging techniques to unravel complex structure-dependent photophysics in various polymer functional forms. In addition, we are able to simultaneously measure electrical properties in model device structures to establish true structure-function correlations not available from other physical techniques. Students involved in this research work in a highly multi-disciplinary environment and benefit from working on technologically relevant problems of great importance to society.

Honors & Awards

  • NSF CAREER award
  • ACS-PRF Doctoral New Investigator award
  • ORAU Ralph Powe junior faculty award

Selected Publications

  1. "Understanding Morphology-Dependent Polymer Aggregation Properties and Photocurrent Generation in Polythiophene/Fullerene Solar Cells of Variable Compositions" Y. Gao, T.P. Martin, E.T. Niles, A.K. Thomas, A.J. Wise, J.K. Grey. Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2010) ACS ASAP.
  2. "Resonance Raman Spectroscopic- and Photocurrent Imaging of Polythiophene/Fullerene Solar Cells" Y.Gao, T.P. Martin, A.K. Thomas, J.K. Grey. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2010), 1, 178-182.
  3. "Resonance Chemical Imaging of Polythiophene/Fullerene Photovoltaic Thin Films: Mapping Morphology-Dependent Aggregated and Unaggregated C=C Species" Y. Gao and J.K. Grey. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2009) 131, 9654-9662.
  4. "Detailed Single-Molecule Spectroelectrochemical Studies of the Oxidation of Conjugated Polymers" R.E. Palacios, W-S. Chang, J.K. Grey, Y-L. Chang, W.L. Miller, C-Y. Lu, G. Henkelman, D. Zepeda, J. Ferraris, and P.F. Barbara. Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2009), 113, 14619-14628.
  5. "Charging and Discharging of Single Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles" R.E. Palacios, F.R. Fan, J.K. Grey, J. Suk, A.J. Bard, P.F. Barbara. Nature Materials (2007) 6, 680- 685.