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Departmental Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Research Project and Travel Grant (RPT)

Research Project and Travel Grant SOP

The Department will make reimbursement available up to $500 each fiscal (July 1-June 30) year for graduate student regarding research efforts. Funding is dependent upon individual proposals and funding limits, which may vary from year to year.

This research grant award is intended to defray the costs of conference fees including travel required to present the results of research at a professional regional or national conference.

Effort Certification

Effort Certification SOP

UNM Faculty Handbook - E120: Effort Reporting Policy
Certification of effort is an OMB Circular A-21 requirement that the University of New Mexico agrees to when a contract or grant is accepted that is fully or partly funded by the federal government. Timely effort reports, generated by the University, are used to document the certification of effort. The OMB requirement is designed to ensure that:

a) The percent of effort expended on each project is not less than the percent of effort committed to the sponsor to spend on the project.

b) The percent of effort expended on each project is not less than the percent of salary charged to the project.

Building Emergency and Safety Procedures

Emergency and Safety SOP

For building emergencies and contacts please refer to this document.

CHEM 623 Seminar Speakers Administration

Seminar Speakers Administration

The guidelines set forth in this procedure outline only the administration of reimbursement and travel regarding Friday seminars.

Updated College Policy on Food and Alcohol Policy

College Guidelines for Policy 4000

In summary, again no alcohol on all dinners except faculty recruitment. An meals are limited to:Maximum Actual per person: Breakfast: $20.40 Lunch: $25.50 Dinner: $56.10.