Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology

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Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

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Clark Hall

Phone: 505-277-6655

K. Joseph Ho

Research Professor

Principal Lecturer III, Director of Chemical Education

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Chemical Education
Physical Chemistry

Contact Information

Phone: 505-277-1753
Office: SMLC 271




I have engaged in scholarly work in the development of virtual laboratory for analytical chemistry, senior-level experiments for protein conformational changes using spectroscopic and chromatographic methods, course redesign using active learning approaches, development of chemistry concept inventories, problem-based laboratory learning, Calibrated Peer Review (CPR) in laboratory learning, POGIL in laboratory learning, and professional development and TA training using LESSON STUDY.
My current research areas are focusing on the preparation of freshman and high school students for college chemistry using adaptive on-line systems, course-based research experience, laboratory learning on experimental design in chemistry curriculum, the development of chemistry laboratory concept inventories, the development of LESSON STUDY practice using online platforms and as a training tool in graduate curriculum, the establishment of conceptual framework for designing effective active learning environment.

Courses Taught

•    General Chemistry I (CHEM 121) and II (CHEM 122) for science majors
•    General Chemistry Laboratory I (CHEM 123L) and II (CHEM 124L)
•    General Chemistry for Healthcare professionals (CHEM 111)
•    Integrated Organic and Biochemistry (CHEM 212)
•    Quantitative Analysis (CHEM 253L)
•    Organic Chemistry Laboratory I (CHEM 303L) and II (304L)
•    Physical Chemistry for Life sciences (CHEM 315)
•    Physical Chemistry Laboratory (CHEM 411L)
•    Instrumental Analysis (CHEM 453L)
•    Scientific Teaching in Chemistry (CHEM 500)