Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology

MSC03 2060
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Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Physical Location:
Clark Hall

Phone: 505-277-6655

Debra Dunaway-Mariano

Professor Emeritus

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Chemical Biology and Biochemistry
Organic Chemistry

Contact Information

Phone: 505-277-6655
Office: 384B


  • B.S. in Chemistry, 1973, Texas A&M University
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry, 1975, Texas A&M University
  • NIH Postdoctoral Fellow 1977-79, University of Wisconsin


  • Molecular and Biological Diversity
  • Biological Catalysis
  • Mining Genomes for Novel Chemicals and Catalysts
  • Drug Targeting and Design
  • Enzyme Folding and Dynamics
  • Enzyme Engineering for Biofuel Biosynthesis and Pollutant Degradation
  • Chemienzymatic Organic Synthesis

Selected Publications

  1. The Enzyme Function Initiative. Gerlt JA, Allen KN, Almo SC, Armstrong RN, Babbitt PC, Cronan JE, Dunaway-Mariano D, Imker HJ, Jacobson MP, Minor W, Poulter CD, Raushel FM, Sali A, Shoichet BK, Sweedler JV. Biochemistry 50, 9950-62 (2011)
  2. Rational design, synthesis and evaluation of first generation inhibitors of the Giardia lamblia fructose-1,6-biphosphate aldolase.Li Z, Liu Z, Cho DW, Zou J, Gong M, Breece RM, Galkin A, Li L, Zhao H, Maestas GD, Tierney DL, Herzberg O, Dunaway-Mariano D, Mariano PS. J Inorg Biochem. 105, 509-17 (2011).
  3. Regioselectivity of enzymatic and photochemical single electron transfer promoted carbon-carbon bond fragmentation reactions of tetrameric lignin model compounds. Cho DW, Latham JA, Park HJ, Yoon UC, Langan P, Dunaway-Mariano D, Mariano PS. J Org Chem. 76, 2840-52 (2011).
  4. Homo sapiens Dullard Protein Phosphatase Shows a Preference for the Insulin-Dependent Phosphorylation Site of Lipin1. Wu R, Garland M, Dunaway-Mariano D, Allen KN. Biochemistry 50, 3045-7 (2011).
  5. Divergence of Chemical Function in the Alkaline Phosphatase Superfamily: Structure and Mechanism of the P-C Bond Cleaving Enzyme Phosphonoacetate Hydrolase. Kim A, Benning MM, Oklee S, Quinn J, Martin BM, Holden HM, Dunaway-Mariano D. Biochemistry. 50, 3481-94 (2011).