Congratulations to Dr. Sherman Garver on receiving a large anonymous donation to support his important work on the Niemann-Pick C1 (NPC1) gene/protein!

Departmental News

Posted:  Jun 18, 2020 - 12:00am

William Garver


William Sherman Garver 

Dr. Sherman Garver has been a leader in this field for over 25 years and his contributions have shown that NPC1 is not only responsible for the rare inherited disease, it is now also associated with a multitude of human metabolic, neurological and infectious diseases.

Before joining UNM, Dr. Garver was a faculty member at the University of Arizona, where he was associated with the Parseghian NPC1 Research Foundation located in the same city.

Dr. Garver has been involved in physically mapping and cloning of the mouse NPC1 gene, which was used to identify the human NPC1 gene. He also was able to determine the cellular location and biological function of the encoded NPC1 protein. While his main goal continues to be to identify therapies for NPC1 disease, two of which (beta-cyclodextrin and N-butyl-deoxynojirimycin or Miglustat) are now being used to treat NPC1 patients.

As a result of these accomplishments, Dr. Garver has received the following executive committee and peer-reviewed recognition in the NPC1 field:

  • Alberta Heritage Foundation Annual Medical Research Lecture (2003).
  • Parseghian Foundation Director of the National Niemann-Pick C1 Disease Patient Database (2005-present).
  • Parseghian Foundation Investigator Merit Award (2007-2010).
  • Fellow of The Obesity Society (2012-present).
  • Affiliate Faculty Member of the University of Washington Health Sciences Center Diabetes and Endocrinology Center for Excellence (2012-2017).