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Undergraduate Advisement

Departmental Advisors

Valarie Maestas

Valarie Maestas is the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Undergraduate Advisor. If you have questions about undergraduate degrees in Chemistry or Chemical Biology, which classes to take and when to take them, Valarie is the person to talk to!  She is available for advisement during her posted office hours outside her office which is located in Clark Hall room 180A.

Please contact Valarie at: 505-277-4621 or vlepore1@unm.edu. Or if you want to meet with her 1:1, use loboachieve.unm.edu to schedule an appointment

Faculty Advisors

Students are encouraged to speak with faculty members regarding possible career paths in the chemical sciences.  This includes but, is not limited to,

  • Consultation regarding course requirements for majors and concentration
  • Research opportunities
  • Career directions

The following faculty advisors represent the main areas of specialization in Chemistry

  • Alisha Ray (Allied Health Sciences, Chemistry For Non-Majors)
  • Lisa Whalen (Organic Chemistry)
  • John Grey (Physical and Analytical Chemistry, Electronic and Solar Energy Materials)
  • Yang Qin (Polymer Science and Chemistry, Solar Energy Conversion)
  • Fu-Sen Liang (Biological Chemistry)
  • Ramesh Giri (Catalysis, Organometallic Chemistry)
  • Terefe Habteyes (Chemical Physics, Analytical Chemistry, Photonics)