General Chemistry Placement Information

Who needs to take the General Chemistry Placements?

  1. Chemistry Placement 1: Students have not met the pre-requisite requirements (ACT Math >=25 or SAT Math >=570*), or have a passing grade from MATH 121 or above courses.
  2. Chemistry Placement 2: Students who have a passing grade (C or higher) from CHEM 121/123L, but do not have the math requirements (ACT Math >=25 or SAT Math >=570* or a passing grade from MATH 121 or above courses)
  3. Students who wants to take CHEM 131 or 132 must take Chemistry Placement 1 (2 for 132) if your ACT Math < 30 or SAT Math < 670**.

*600 if you took SAT after 2016                         **710 if you took SAT after 2016

When should I take the placement?

You are advised to take the placement as early as possible. The sooner you can pass the placement, the sooner you can register for CHEM 121/123L or 122/124L. There are limited seats in these courses for each semester.

Do I need to pay for the placement? What does it cost?

Access to this ALEKS placement is free. If you experience any problem about ALEKS, you can contact ALEKS support with the contact information printed in the end of this instruction.

How to take the placement?

  • Please follow the link: 2018-2019 placement (link)
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: You CANNOT use more than 120 minutes (2 hours) to complete the initial or final assessment. If you spend more than the above time limit, your score will not be counted, and your placement will NOT be valid.

What should I do after I am done with the placement?

  1. Generate a report (link) by following the instruction in the link.
  2. Contact the Chemistry Advisor ( or Engineering advisors (, with your report to request a pre-req override or seek  an advice about your placement.

If you have a question about the placement, you can contact Dr. Ho (


Contact tech support at ALEKS related questions. They are very helpful, accessible and prompt!

Phone: (714) 619-7090

Email: contact us at Hours (Eastern Standard)

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Flowchart of General Chemistry Placement 1