Novel Chemical Tools for Reactive Sulfur Species

March 24, 2017

Ming Xian

Reactive sulfur species (RSS) such as H2S, H2Sn, and SO2 have recently been recognized as important signaling molecules in mammalian physiology. Endogenous production and exogenous delivery of RSS have been found to exert protective effects in numerous pathologies such as pulmonary hypertension, atherosclerosis, and heart disease. However, the delivery of RSS in a reliable and controllable manner for further study is difficult and the detection of RSS in biological systems is still challenging. The research in my group focuses on the development of chemical tools to facilitate the delivery and detection of RSS. In this presentation, I will report our progress in producing controllable RSS donors that can be activated by factors such as thiols, pH changes, and photolysis. I will also report our work on fluorescent sensors for H2S and related sulfur species.