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Biocompatible reactions and activatable probes for in vivo imaging of activity of enzymes

**Seminars begin at 4:00 PM and will be held in Clark Hall Room 101**

March 11, 2016

Jianghong Rao

Biocompatible chemical reactions have found wide applications in biology from bimolecular modification to in vivo imaging. This talk will introduce the condensation reaction between 2- cyanobenzothiazole (CBT) and D-cysteine, which is the last step of the synthesis of D-luciferin, a substrate for firefly luciferase. A unique feature of this reaction is that their reactivity may be put under the control of the activity of an enzyme. In this seminar I will highlight our recent efforts in exploring this reaction to design and build activatable molecular probes for imaging enzyme activity in living cells and living animals.