Use of the De Novo Synthesis in Natural Product Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry

August 22, 2014

George A. O'Doherty

The O’Doherty research group has been working in two related areas of organic synthesis: carbohydrate synthesis and natural product synthesis. The unifying theme that connects our research in these two areas is our use of asymmetric catalysis. Fundamental to our approach is the development of highly efficient routes that transform, via catalysis, inexpensive achiral starting materials into enantiopure products, which are poised for the conversion into complex molecules with biologically relevant properties (i.e., enantioselective synthesis of a new “chiral pool” via asymmetric catalysis). The ultimate goal of these synthetic projects is to develop enantioselective routes to these complex biologically active carbohydrates and natural products in sufficient quantities that are amenable for biomedical investigations.