Strong Interaction of SPP Field with Low-Dimensional Electron Gas and Hot Electron Transport

September 18, 2015

He Huang

In this talk, the microscopic-level models will be derived for nonlinear electron transport at high biases, optical transitions of electrons with ultrafast carrier scattering and dephasing, as well as plasmonic near-field optics in nanostructures. Based on these microscopic-level physics models, a bottom-up technical approach is envisioned for designing multi-functional semiconductor quantum devices starting from the first-principle band-structure calculations up to system-level control algorithms. Specific attention has been put on nonlinear transport of hot electrons in novel gapped graphene materials under high bias, wavelength-selective planar and lensless near-field focusing with variable slot widths, and surface-plasmon-field “gate” control of quantum-dot light scattering, optical absorption and spontaneous emission.