Behavior of structurally simple acid gases or bases in molecular, polymeric, and ionic solvents: reactivity, spectroscopic, and structural studies

January 25, 2013

Jason Clyburne

Alteration of chemical reactivity by solvent change is perhaps one of the most fundamental strategies in synthetic chemistry. Perhaps the largest modification of chemical reactivity should be anticipated through changing the very nature of the solvent vis-àis from molecular to ionic. Furthermore, it could be anticipated that the largest variations of chemical reactivity would be evident for the smallest and simplest molecules, specifically the di- and triatomic gases. In this talk I will illustrate just such modification of reactivity in two applications, namely

  1. carbon capture in non-volatile solvents and
  2. reaction of bases in ionic liquids.

If time allows, I will also include a discussion of the role of highly order zincates in Negishi coupling reactions, as indicated in the reaction below.

Jason Clyburne Equation

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