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December 7, 2018

Dr. Gary A. Molander, Hirschmann-Makineni Professor of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania

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Profile: Dr. Molander received a B. S. with Distinction from Iowa State University in 1975.  He was a Summer Research Fellow at Eastman Kodak in 1974 and 1975.  He received his Ph. D. from Purdue University in 1979. He was a Postdoctoral Research Associate with Professor Herbert C. Brown at Purdue University from 1979 to 1980 and with Professor Barry M. Trost at the  University of Wisconsin from 1980 to 1981.  Dr. Molander’s research is the development of new synthetic methods and their application to the synthesis of organic molecules. One of the group's objectives is to expand and improve the installation of boron into organic substructures through the development of reagents such as bis-boronic acid, and to expand Suzuki coupling reactions of organoboron compounds. In this regard, robust, air- and water-stable potassium organotrifluoroborates (R-BF3K), are employed to carry out couplings under relatively mild conditions using non-toxic components. The group has recently developed an alternative mechanistic paradigm for cross-coupling using a double metal-catalyzed photoredox process, and we are also employing organotrifluoroborates as precursors to a variety of novel borazines. Finally, unique polyfluorinated organoborons are being developed.