Chemistry Undergraduates Awarded Whaley Endowed Memorial Scholarship

posted: Wed Jun 04 2014 15:16:43

In April 2014, the Undergraduate Advisory Committee awarded the Whaley Endowed Memorial Scholarship to five students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree after a competitive application process. They are Taylor Britton (working in the lab of James Stroud), Taylor Busby (Lorraine Deck), Jonathan Gordon (Wei Wang), Maxwell Richardson (Hua Guo), Patrick Riedel (Ramesh Giri), and Jasper Thompson (Debi Evans). Each student will spend the summer working in their principal investigator's lab and was awarded a $5000 stipend with $1000 research support funds. This year, the College of Arts and Sciences generously donated $500 to each student for research support, which left more money in the Whaley fund for next year's recipients.  The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology wishes them good luck with their projects and hopes for successful results.