Professor Terefe Habteyes Receives NSF Career Award

posted: Mon Apr 10 2017 11:50:49

Prof. Terefe Habteyes, has received a National Science Foundation CAREER  award on "Near-Field Imaging for Nanoscale Visualization of Exciton-Plasmon Energy Transfer".Nanotechnology devices have the potential to revolutionize sensing  catalysis, and solar energy harvesting; realizing this potential will require tools which can measure and manipulate building blocks far smaller than the wavelengths of visible light. Existing super-resolution microscopes can produce images on this nanoscale, but provide limited information on key aspects of light interactions and energy transfer. Professor Terefe Habteyes is developing a new type of super-resolution microscope capable of nanoscale imaging of energy transfer properties.By combining an ultrathin “scanning probe” with laser excitation, energy transfer images can resolve features only a few nanometers across.  Using quantum dots and metal nanostructures, Dr. Habteyes and his students will examine energy transfer within and between these nanoscals materials to determine how material and device properties can be  improved. Visualization of these “invisible” features is a powerful motivator for new students, and helps attract undergraduate, graduate and high school students into his lab. Students from Highland High School, located nearby in a low-income Albuquerque neighborhood, will participate in summer research in Habteyes’ lab and then share their research experiences with their classmates