Congratulations to Prof. Ramesh Giri

posted: Fri Feb 26 2016 15:45:51

Assistant Professor Ramesh Giri's proposal "Development of Tandem and Multi-Component Couplings with Base Metals and Organic Electron Donors" has been approved for a CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation.   The Giri research group works on developing sustainable organic transformations using the earth-abundant and inexpensive transition metals such as Cu, Fe, Co and Ni. Currently, the group is focusing on developing Cu-catalyzed direct, tandem and multi-components cross-coupling reactions. One of the major challenges in utilizing cheaper transition metals is making these metals stable in reaction solution and active for organic transformations. The Giri group develops and utilizes hybrid bidentate ligands that possess features to make the earth-abundant transition metals both stable and active. The group is also engaged in isolating or synthesizing the potential reaction intermediates and studying the mechanisms of these transformations.