NMR Facility Announces the Installation of New Spectrometer

posted: Fri Oct 07 2016 13:56:18

The NMR Facility announces the installation of our new spectrometer.  The Bruker Avance III HD 500 is primarily a solution NMR, with VT, a third RF channel, gradients, and 3 solution probes. In addition to existing 2.5 mm inverse and a 5mm triple (proton, phosphorus, broadband) probes, the facility now has a state-of-the-art liquid nitrogen cooled 5 mm probe.  In this probe, called a Prodigy by Bruker, both the coils and the preamplifiers are cooled by liquid nitrogen.  This reduction in thermal noise means that the signal/noise ratio is a factor of 2-3  greater than the standard probes. For more information on the NMR Facility click the link.

The new system is available for use by trained users.  Training may be obtained by contacting the facility director, Karen Ann Smith.