Nature Comm on Korean Genome has potential impact for New Mexico

posted: Mon Apr 10 2017 11:44:29

 CCB Professor Jeremy Edwards was part of an international team which generated the most complete human reference genome since the Human Genome Project.  In the November 24, 2016 Nature Communications they reported a hybrid genome assembly from 41 Korean individuals by combining several innovative DNA sequencing and genome mapping technologies. Importantly, they found that the ethnically relevant consensus genome sequences can be beneficial for efficient variant detection, which is of great importance to numerous ethnically distinct populations in New Mexico.  Systematic comparison of human assemblies shows the importance of assembly quality, suggesting the necessity of new technologies to comprehensively map ethnic and personal genomic structure variations. In the era of large-scale population genome projects, the leveraging of ethnicity-specific genome assemblies as well as the human reference genome will accelerate mapping all human genome diversity and understanding the genetic basis of disease.