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Congratulations to Prof. Wei Wang

posted: Thu Aug 10 2017 13:41:00

Please join the Chemistry Department in congratulating Prof. Wei Wang, who has been awarded a Petroleum research Fund (PRF) grant, "Photocatalytic Functionalization of Arenes and Alkenes Using Visible Light".

Transformations of petroleum products - arenes and alkenes and their simple derivatives- into useful fine chemicals in a sustainable fashion are of considerable synthetic and practical significance.  Hydrocarbamoylation and formylation of these feedstock chemicals offer powerful approaches to producing amides and aldehydes, but current methods are insufficiently selective or rely on precious transition metal catalysis.  In this project, Prof. Wang will introduce a new catalytic photoredox strategy using highly reactive radical intermediates.  These reactive radicals are generally difficult to control, but he and his group propose to develop novel, dye-catalyzed formation reactions of carbamoyl •CONH2 and decarboxylative α-amino radicals.  The mild reaction conditions should allow high chemo- and regio-selective installation of amide and aldehyde groups into structurally diverse arenes and alkenes without using scarce metal catalysts.