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Congratulations to Dr. Kirk

Photo: Congratulations to Dr. Kirk

posted: Wed May 16 2018 10:40:05


Congratulations to Professor Martin Kirk , who is receiving the New Mexico EPSCoR Mentoring Award https://www.nmepscor.org/blog/2018-nm-epscor-mentoring-awardees The NM EPSCoR Mentoring Award is designed to recognize NM EPSCoR participants who not only build relationships with students and support their academic, research, and career endeavors, but also work to create inclusive environments for our diverse students. Mentors are able to create a professional and social relationship with students that encourage them to take the next step in their careers through listening, advising, supporting, providing feedback, increasing students’ networks, and solving problems, to name a few roles and characteristics (National Academy of Sciences, 1997). Mentors are essential to the retention of students in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields and beyond. Professor Kirk's research is part of the EPSCoR solar energy focus, and he mentors post-docs, graduate students and undergraduates in his group.