CCB Awarded High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Grant

Departmental News

Posted:  Jul 25, 2019 - 12:00am

National Science Foundation

Congratulations to Professors Jeff Rack (PI), Marty Kirk (co-PI) and Yang Qin (co-PI) on obtaining an NSF grant, "MRI: Acquisition of High Resolution Mass Spectrometer for Research in Materials and Biological Chemistry".

Particular thanks for contributions from Drs. Karen Ann Smith and Banibrata Ghosh for technical and budgetary support (Bani obtained the crucial last-minute agreement with Waters that enables us to get all the desired equipment in spite of a budget reduction).

MS analysis of chemical and biological molecules is critical to identifying compound composition and purity, to determining the constituents of mixtures, and providing insight into chemical structure.

The new instrument will simultaneously provide higher mass resolution, higher mass range, more versatile sample introduction and MS-MS capability. Tell your friends!