National Chemistry Week at Exploar

When: Sat Oct 19 2013, 8:00 am

Where: Explora

This year Explora is hosting a week-long event for National Chemistry Week if you are interested in an outreach opportunity. 

First, in a limited capacity during the week, but in full force on October 19 and 25, the Experiment Bar at Explora will be converted for demonstrations involving the theme, which is "The Sweet Side of Chemistry - Candy." Members of the ACS Student Chapter will participate in the demonstrations and anyone else interested in helping out can sign up on the following Doodle poll for the afternoons of October 19 and 25.

Second, they are looking for anyone interested in telling their "Chemistry Story" to audiences on Sunday October 19 and Saturday October 25 (two performances each day).  If you are interested in this, there is a commitment to a rehearsal schedule. You can send Lisa Whalen an email at if you want more information.